Creative Habit: Last Week!

I found this video by Cate Le Bon, which uses some great minimal animation on top of the video. This is something I feel like I was trying to accomplish, so I am happy I found it as a source of inspiration! I really like the simplicity of this animation and the way it uses mostly circular shape to emphasize the shapes in the films.

Here is my last animation loop for my creative habit! I am in the process of filming a music video for my friend Celly and used some of the footage shot by myself and Hakeem Ouhammou, to create this weeks animations. I played around with new brushes in Photoshop and also played around with some time manipulation in After Effects. I would say that this week was the most fun for me because I am getting more comfortable with my process. The biggest thing I have learned from this experience is that being uncomfortable and failing is a part of learning and growing. Although I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of this particular process, I am ultimately happy that I was forced to figure something out and go for it. It is definitely something I will be continuing to explore in my creative practice.

Thanks Liz and Lexie for the great class!!

Creative Habit Week 3

This week was a little better! I had fun putting my Photoshop animations in After Effects and manipulating them in a new way by simply adding effects. My challenge given to me by the class, was to use a photo, instead of video, which I did twice. It is a bit more of a challenge to do this, as I like relying on the movement of video. Last week, I was quite frustrated with my animation style, and this week I am not sure if I really got much further, but I like my results a bit more. I am finding it easier to do painting type of animations rather then line based, but it’s hard for me to collage the painting type animations over a photo or video.

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This week we watched the documentary, Bill Cunningham New York, which explored the life of fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham. He documented the street fashion of New Yorkers nearly everyday. As far as what I took away from the film, I think it’s great to be so dedicated to something and pursue it like a maniac, but I wonder too if he was missing out on experimentation with photography. I feel like the creative habit thus far, has allowed me the experimentation I would normally not pursue, and even though it has been a struggle, I can see how that just means I am learning something. Which, is my goal. That being said, I like the way Bill Cunningham sorts out the fashions onto these pages. I think I would like to try to go for a monochromatic theme next week as well. Perhaps, by creating this limitation, something else will shine a bit more in my animations.

Creative Habit Week 2

This week has been rough, not gonna lie. I think this project I chose is a little too big for what this assignment is. I think it’s partially because animating, as it turns out, takes way over an hour, especially if you are trying to learn how to use software and film something to animate , actually animate and research. It’s more like 4-5 hours of work a day, at least for me. So, that being said, I was all about using After Effects last week, tried it for one animation, got too annoyed, and went back to using Photoshop. I think that animating with After Effects is awesome, but I have to create all the shapes in Illustrator first, and then import them into After Effects, and that just takes up too much time. So, Photoshop has been my software of choice. This process has admittedly been both fun and frustrating. I think that I am just trying to reign it in now.


Photo courtesy of Columbus Museum of Art

On our class trip to the Columbus Museum of Art, the artist I was most inspired by was Josiah McElheny. Three Screens for Looking at Abstraction, by American artist Josiah McElheny, is an installation comprised of three large, faceted screens made from mirrors and translucent projection cloth. An abstract film program, is digitally projected onto each of these objects simultaneously. The films bounce off the mirrors in different directions and produce kaleidoscopic movement and sound. The artist used older animation films from a variety of artists around the world. For me, this fits right in with my first project, Teineigen Light, in which I created stop motion animation to form a kaleidoscope-like effect.

I really like the free form animations of simple line and shape that the artist had projected. I think to make my life less complicated, I might just try free hand animations using photoshop and After Effects. I think creating these might be a little less hectic for me and would be something I could use for later video projections and installations.

Creative Habit: Week Two

Photoshop Animations 

For my first week, I used short videos I took with my iPhone and explored using photoshop to animate on top of them. I mostly used videos of natural surroundings and I am liking how they are turning out. I wish I had more time to work on them, as an hour of animating, only yields a few seconds of the end result. However, I like the challenge of getting the most I can out of the motions I make in the animations.


Daisuke Hashimoto


Natsuki Kida


At the library, I decided to research motion graphics artists and came across the book, 100 Japanese Motion Graphic Creators 2008. I found a lot of amazing artists that inspired me. A couple that really stuck out included, Natsuki Kida and Isao Nishigori. I really like the mix of real video and animation and how surreal these artists are in their integration of the graphics. For the next week, I will be exploring more human forms with the use of animation in After Effects.



I also really liked the book Motion By Design which included a lot of companies, like Mathematics, who create a variety of motion graphics. I like the use of color and the settings they made for this music video. I think I might try to incorporate some illustrator imagery into my next week of creative habit as well.

Creative Habit Week One



The artist Frederic Beehupp is an amazing Vine video artist, that makes these 6 second looping videos (as seen above). I really like the quick sketch like technique he uses in these videos and I love the subtle use of animation, graphics and illustration he uses as well. This is something I would like to do on a larger scale at some point.

I was also really inspired by Audrey Stemen’s ambiguous space final project that was done for the Design for Media class. I love her use of subtle animation and feel it really worked well with her video that she shot.

I have also really liked the use of animation with traditional film lately.One of my favorite movies as of late is based on Phoebe Gloeckners teenage life and her comics, Diary of a Teenage Girl, in which they use some animation of Phoebe Gloeckner’s comic book illustrations.

For my creative habit project, I would like to explore animation and motion graphics on top of short films or clips of films that I make. I intend to use software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate and Adobe After Effects, to create the short pieces. I will be primarily using video that I shoot on my iPhone everyday as my restriction and keeping the videos to around 5-30 seconds. My research will include learning software programs and finding artists that inspire my work. The video above, is my first attempt at using this technique. I have never animated anything, except for animatic storyboards, before, so I am excited to experiment.

World, meet The People’s Parklet

WE DID IT!!!! I can’t believe this actually happened, and I am so glad that it did! I am going to be reaching out to the CCAD gardening club to begin converting the volleyball area into a garden for student use. It seems like a shame to waste that whole space with just a sandy pit that is barely used. The parklet is, in my opinion, the stepping stone to a space that can be utilized in a new way. I hope that it happens soon!


The best part about this project was working with such a wonderful team and actually seeing it through to the end. I was not sure this would work out because we are all cinematic arts and animation majors with little to no construction experience. We really pulled all of our resources together nicely though and got the job done.

 Putting these living walls together was by far the biggest challenge for me and my team. I researched how to make a living wall and just went for it. The hardest part was putting them all together, which took a lot of time, and then watching them droop and fall apart as they got put up vertically. I learned a lot that day about the limits of gravity and soil.

parklet lady group

Jessica Mathews of Place Makes with the People’s Parklet crew. Photo by Audrey Stemen.

I am so thrilled that Jessica Mathews, of Place Makes, came to check out our parklet in progress. I learned a lot about what it takes to make a parklet happen through her experiences and I think it was really great to have someone outside of CCAD to talk to about community art and using public space in a new way. I think that Place Makes will soon connect with CCAD to collaborate on future parklets, which will be exciting.


Overall, I think this project was a big success. If I were to do it again I would probably only change one thing. The documentary. I think it turned out fine, but I feel like, as the director of the project, I should have been paying more attention to what the documentary crew was doing. I think the documentary could have been really great because this project was so epic. If I had helped to oversee more of their process, with storyboarding and shooting schedules, I think it would have turned out better and would have told a tighter story. It’s okay though! I think mostly everyone put a lot of work into the project and I am so happy that there is something physical that we made, that will be used by our classmates, possibly for years to come.

The People’s Parklet Week 3


We started construction!! Last weekend the team and some lovely helpers began putting together our beautiful parklet in the volleyball lot. We were donated over $700 of lumber by the amazing 5th Avenue Lumber crew, which they even delivered to us because they are the best people in the whole world. Stump donated $50 in plants for our parklet and we also ended up raising $600 on our Go Fund Me account which we are putting towards other supplies we need such as stain, sealant, tarps, hardware and extra dirt and plants. Hopefully, we will have enough money left over to start a small raised bed garden near the parklet or for food for our event.


Our lovely lumber pile



The gang hard at work

On Thursday, the head of  PlaceMakes is going to come to CCAD and talk with our group about her project and the documentary crew will film a short interview with her for our documentary. I think this is a great opportunity for our group to reach out to the community and be exposed to possibilities of working in conjunction with someone outside of school.

The group is doing great and we are really coming together as a team. The art directors will be completing the exquisite corpse interactive art piece, to be installed on the parklet. The documentary, it is coming along very nicely and last week we got a good amount of interviewing and editing in. We are also going to be finalizing our advertising by completing our posters and fliers and also start to invite people, via the web, to our big reveal event. Hopefully it doesn’t rain at the event, but we requested tents from facilities in case it does.


This weekend we will be completing the parklet, reserving next Tuesday for any extra touches we might need to finish. Almost done! Fingers crossed it all comes together!

Halfway to parklet town

Putting It All Together


Logo made by Brittani Riston

This past week has been all about logistics. We have been looking for materials and deciphering what it is we need and where we will construct the parklet. Initially, we were going to be doing the main construction in the wood shop at CCAD over spring break. Unfortunately, we were denied access to the shop because it will be closed. Fortunately, we were extended an extra week to complete our project! That is going to be a huge help. We also decided to construct on sight at the volleyball court so we don’t have to move the parklet.

Our team has been scouring for materials and donations from local businesses. We were fortunate to have been donated $300 in materials from 5th Avenue Lumber!! We went into the lumber yard last week and had them look at our plans and figure out what we would need for construction. They were extremely helpful and granted us a donation. To cover ourselves, we also started a go fund me account and have been receiving donations. Now we will be ironing out all of construction details.

new parklet

New Design

We had to redesign our parklet to simplify construction. We took out the wall, the pergola  and the double platforms to make things a bit easier. Also, I talked to someone who is a construction guru and he said the wall would have been problematic with the wind factor. Another guru said the pergola would have required installing rebar into the wall, which sounded like a nightmare, so we took it out.

I am really excited about the plants and have been researching some interesting ways to install them. We want to use recycled materials and I really like the use of materials in the photos above. Now that our design is a bit more plain, I would like to focus on plant and art decoration. Our art team is also working on the interactive art pieces that will be incorporated into the design.

Now our team will be focusing in on construction methods, art and plant design and our documentary. We are filming interviews today with the documentary crew and the art team will be showing their final interactive art designs. Also, here is our facebook page!


The People’s Parklet


Volleyball Court at CCAD

The volleyball court, (as pictured above) on Grant Street, was approved by CCAD facilities as a spot to place our parklet for the unveiling. We plan to keep it there until we either dismantle it or figure out where it can live. We have a couple ideas as far as that goes. We plan on talking to some community gardens, the city and possibly donating it to the PlaceMakes team. Speaking of PlaceMakes, I talked to the director and got a lot of great information from her about how to approach talking to the planning department about obtaining a right of way permit to place the parklet in a parking space. She also gave me some helpful tips including using a barrier or reflective surface surrounding the parklet for safety. She is also going to be coming in to meet us, while we are in construction mode, to see our design and talk to us about the parklet.

We got our design hammered out last week during class and even started the 3D model! We are going for something that has open space, plenty of seating, an interactive art piece, and plants. We plan on using recycled materials as much as possible and will be looking into free items from craigslist as well as approaching businesses for donations.

parklet group

Team Parklet!


As far as media goes, we got our Facebook page up and running and are working towards refining our ideas for the documentary. We will be storyboarding and searching for inspiration in other documentaries.

Parklet Pipeline Project

I am so thrilled that my parklet project proposal was chosen for one of the pipeline projects! For the project, we decided to go with the outdoors public parklet rather than the indoors installation, which is exciting! As the director of this project, it is my joy to bring art into the community and build something with some great folks at CCAD.


Parklet made by Youth Art Exchange

Our Team:

Director: Jenna Feldman

Project Manager: Madison Brown

Co-Art Directors: Essie Tarver, Jacob Wise, Todd Wheeler

Head of Documentary: Dakota Reyburn

Documentary Crew: Frank E. Lawson, Alisha Dunn

Head of Editorial: Audrey Stemen

Modeling Designers: Bethany Haggy, Victoria Moody

Public Liason/ Location and Materials Scout: Annie La Hue

Ad/ Graph Designer: Brittani Riston

Blogger: Charity Cody


PlaceMakes first parklet on 4th Street in Columbus

As soon as we get the design and modeling rolled out, we will be constructing the parklet! Meanwhile, Annie and I will be scouting locations and materials. We have decided to get as much location scouting done as soon as possible so we have some options on where to place the parklet. We will also be talking to the head of PlaceMakes (please check out this link for their Arts Commission checklist!), a parklet and public space group in Columbus, to see if they have any words of wisdom for where to put our parklet and for any other advice they may have.

Just as some added inspiration for the designers:

color geo

Installation by Marco Hemmerling


jen stark

Installations by Jen Stark

I am very excited to get started on this project and can’t wait to see the outcome of our parklet!!